The days when yachting was reserved for the stars and the better-off among us are completely over. Although it is undeniably inseparable from luxury, pleasure is now an option that knows how to adapt to different budgets. The pleasures are increased tenfold when the experience is lived in group. Here are the best reasons to rent a yacht.

A good idea for a birthday or a bachelorette party

Birthdays deserve to be celebrated with dignity, do not you think? It’s an opportunity to party with all those close to you, to unwind and create lasting memories. Changing the frame is a great option. Instead of renting a room or planning your accommodation, take it off, literally. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the vastness that extends as far as the eye can see. For a day or a night-even more, the birthday is celebrated as that of a star. It is certain that you will mark the spirits of your guests and yours.


A Bachelorette party is the transition between two radically different lives. We are preparing to unite our life to that of the loved one, to gradually replace the “I” with the “we”. It is an infinity of discoveries and adventures that reach out to the future bride. There is nothing like an original celebration to mark the occasion. The pleasures experienced during an outing at sea are the first fruits of happiness that is intended for the couple. If the sea is shaking slightly, it does not matter. It’s just like the little hassles that can happen in the wedding. The key is to live the present moment thoroughly!

In addition, the prestigious setting and the many water activities possible will make these moments unforgettable. A tip: arm yourself with a camera or better, a camera to immortalize the precious and fun moments that await you on the yacht.

Saving money

Even if the applied rates are more accessible, you should not miss the opportunity to save money. By sharing the rental costs, you reduce everyone’s share. As a result, you have the opportunity to allocate a larger budget to complementary activities. It is for example possible to devote to the jet-ski, to ride seabobs or to introduce you to the stand-up paddle once at sea.

Of course, you are not going to just enjoy the sea and the good weather. It will also think to feed you and to hydrate you. Thanks to savings on the rental, you can for example offer you some extra bottles of champagne or provide a personalized decoration according to your preferences. Confetti cannons, multicolored smoke bombs, balloons … it’s up to you to see how you can make a note that looks like you’re planning a trip.

The opportunity to have fun at sea all together

Renting a yacht as a group is not just about celebrating a special occasion. She looks forward to pleasure for the simple pleasure of having good times together. Studies, family life, work … there are so many stressors in our daily lives. That’s why it’s important to let go, to empty your mind. What’s better than yachting to break with routine? Adhere to competitions, create team games to reinforce your cohesion.

Everything is possible on a yacht. The crew can also advise you on the entertainment best suited to your desires. He remains at your disposal. Your only priority is to have fun, away from urban centers and pollution.

With family or friends, choose the route that you like and admire the beauty of the landscapes from a new angle. Try new experiences that will tighten the bonds that unite you. Give yourself the opportunity to spice up a little life to be able to approach your day by being more relaxed.

Renting a yacht in a group is a great option for experiencing exceptional moments with those who are dear to you. It is also an economic formula that offers you the opportunity to enjoy yourself in a luxurious atmosphere.