As professionals in decorating, interior designers have the cutting-edge expertise that allows them to effectively manage your landscaping projects. As well as allowing you to gain time, they will allow you to make considerable savings, contrary to popular belief. Discover in this article the benefits of working with them.

The various missions of an interior designer

Within the framework of your landscaping projects, be it on an apartment or a house, an interior designer plays various roles. As a professional, they work closely with shapes, colours, as well as materials, in order to create the optimum layout and décor for your rooms. They also possess the necessary know-how to look after your entire renovation project

An interior designer’s address book: a guarantee of reliability

The interior designer has the advantage of collaborating with various professionals in the field of construction. Thanks to their well-filled address book, they are able to advise you on quality products and materials at affordable prices. This collaboration with serious businesses represents an indisputable guarantee of reliability for the clients of such a specialist in decorating and interior layout.

What are an interior designer’s rates?

The rates of interior designers can vary from one professional to another. This said, the hourly cost for interior designer consultations is generally in the range of 60 to 80 euros. For a design coaching session or for advice in your own home, this will be more like 100 euros including VAT. For an on-site visit as well as the creation of a materials list, the generally accepted price would be somewhere in the region of 500 euros, depending on the volume of work to be done. Reputation, the nature of the task or even the site location are all criteria taken into account in an interior designer’s pricing.

Working with an interior designer allows you to benefit from an informed view on your interior design project, and to access the best materials on the market, at upfront prices. Interior designer in French Riviera (Nice, Monaco, Cannes…) is among those who will know how to shed light on all the hidden possibilities of your project.