A well-appointed home is one that you will enjoy for a long time because you feel good in it, because you have everything you need to enjoy being at home. It is also a house that appeals because of its combination of functionality and design. The choices will depend on where you live. Here’s an overview of the must-haves for the lucky southerner.

It’s good to live in the South of France !

The South has the mildest climate in France. This means that you get a little extra sunshine, which is good for your health and morale.

The region is also famous for its gastronomy. Beautiful French and Mediterranean specialities are on offer, as well as fresh produce that inspires chefs from all over the world.

And let’s not forget the pace of life, where dynamism and calmness coexist in perfect balance.

Living in the south is like being on holiday all year round. This is an excellent reason to equip your home well and thus take advantage of all the charms of this region that is the envy of many.

A parasol

Enjoying the sun is good, but overdoing it is sacrilege for your skin and especially for your health. When you live in the south of France, you need a pleasant spot of shade and the parasol is the star of the show. Timeless, it is nevertheless reinvented to display designs that are more in keeping with the times.

Straight or offset, the parasol allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even in hot weather. Depending on your wishes, you can choose a model offering circular, square or rectangular shade. Other shapes are of course also available. In addition, pay attention to the base of the parasol, both in terms of material and design.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is an absolute necessity to stay cool even when temperatures are at their highest. However, the design of this equipment can be discouraging. The good news is that you can invest in an air-conditioning cover and cleverly hide it from view.

Professional air conditioner covers such as Cache Clim have no shortage of creativity when it comes to turning indoor and outdoor units into decorative elements. There are air conditioner covers that look like furniture. You just have to install it, decorate it with a few knick-knacks and your unit goes totally unnoticed. Some models can be transformed into planters to dress up the balcony with elegance, others are similar to artificial hedges, bringing a note of greenery perfectly in line with the environment.

Whichever air conditioning system you choose, you will certainly find a “box” so that the installation of the appliance does not interfere with your decor.

You may wonder about the impact of a climate control cover on the operation of the unit? Don’t worry. The products are equipped with openings that respect the air flow.

Whether on the floor, on the facade or elsewhere, the climatic screen is the solution for combining freshness and design in your home.


Geraniums are not only pretty, they are also very effective in repelling mosquitoes thanks to their subtle fragrance. It should be noted that the scent depends on the variety. You can therefore enjoy delicate aromas of mint, pine, citrus… just make sure you get the right information before you buy.

The scented geranium (or pelargonium) should be placed on the balcony, under the window, on the terrace… in short, plant it in all areas where you like to spend time in the summer. Note that this plant is sensitive to frost. This is why it is mainly grown in a pot or in a window box, an option that also makes it easier to maintain.

If you feel like an extra dose of protection against mosquitoes, don’t hesitate to rub your skin with pelargonium leaves. The effect is guaranteed!

A deckchair

With a sun as generous as that of the south of France, you should not hesitate to take naps outside or to settle down to read, to rest…. You therefore need deckchairs to furnish your space in the Mediterranean style.

Place the deckchair under a parasol, by the pool or on the terrace, it will look great. However, there are no real rules, so go with your gut feeling.

Pay attention to the design of your sunbeds. Some are very basic, others are more sophisticated. The main thing is to ensure your comfort while making sure that the furniture fits in with the rest of your outdoor furniture. Please note that matching is not synonymous with assortment but rather with consistency.

south of france

A barbecue

This is the perfect equipment to underline the conviviality of your home because it invites you to share moments of good humour with your loved ones. The barbecue can be round, rectangular, modular, with adjustable height, equipped with drawers, with multiple grills, the options ensure each time interesting functionalities.

It doesn’t matter what kind of food you choose, what matters is the suitability of the barbecue for your needs.

A swing

This piece of furniture promotes relaxation. So put it in a place where you particularly like to rest. You will enjoy being rocked by your swing as you watch the sunset. You can also spend pleasant moments with your partner, your children or your friends, just for the pleasure of savouring the calm that surrounds you.

We don’t often think about it, but the swing also allows you to do some yoga postures or to have a meditation session to be in harmony with yourself.

Exotic wood is an excellent choice. Woven resin is also a very popular material for swing fans. If sturdiness is important to you, choose metal.

Don’t neglect the seat and backrest. Cushions will provide extra comfort and add a decorative touch to the swing.

Garden furniture

Turn your outdoor area into an extension of your home with the right furniture. Garden furniture is just the thing, as it adds a certain elegance to the design. What’s more, you can set it up wherever you like: in the middle of the lawn, on the terrace, by the pool… you just have to decide how you want to enjoy your outdoor space.

An awning

Protect your terrace from excessive sunlight with an awning. Straight or curved, it will allow you to enjoy the mild climate of the south of France as you wish. If you have a lot of space, have a pergola built as the centrepiece of the garden. Install the living room in it and let climbing plants grow for even more greenery and freshness. There is no shortage of options for decorating and furnishing the garden.

To sum up, you need furniture and accessories to enjoy the fine weather that is becoming generous in the South. As far as design is concerned, let your creativity flow!