A second residence is an ideal living space for going away for a few days, weeks or even months, in a place that is out of the ordinary and that cuts with the everyday life. What better way to do this than by getting away to one of Europe’s countries to benefit from the advantages and specificities of each one ?

Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden… Discover quickly which country suits you best from our selection below!

In Italy

For lovers of the city or more natural spaces, Italy is a country that offers many possibilities for escape. Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan: each city has its own specificity, but all of them are full of historical wonders, world-famous culinary specialities and a change of scenery.

Further inland, many properties with a wide variety of styles are also available for sale. Whether it’s a lakeside property, a rural villa, a mountain chalet or a city flat: investing in Italy means investing in a country with a warm climate, rich culture and simple quality of life, and is therefore a very reliable investment. La Dolce Vita!

In Greece

If you are looking for a second house in southern Europe, then Greece is the perfect place to get away from it all! With its fine sandy beaches, turquoise water and lively pace of life, Greece promises a change of scenery and a living environment that is among the most enjoyable.

Tasty cuisine, rich in culture and history, warm climate and welcoming population: this country is a privileged destination for unforgettable moments. Do not hesitate to contact a real estate agency in Greece such as Mobilia for more information about buying a property.


In Sweden

Sweden is also a country with many assets, particularly in terms of welcome and open-mindedness. Forerunners in many fields, Swedes are among the most tolerant and respectful populations in Europe. The Swedish countryside is beautiful in summer and winter.

Mild summers, cold winters, but with breathtaking scenery and equally beautiful springs, Sweden offers one of the most beautiful natural settings in Europe. Sweden is a country with a rich culture and many culinary specialities, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and lovers of cocooning.

In the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a country of tulips, cheese and bicycles, ranked 5th happiest country in the world by the “world happiness report 2019”, the Netherlands is a great place to live. Located in the north of France, above Belgium, this country guarantees an exceptional living environment. Cities with a cosmopolitan and warm atmosphere and lush green countryside, the Netherlands is a quiet destination with many advantages.

In Spain

Another European flagship, Spain has the advantage here again of being a country bordering France. Representing one of the safest countries in terms of real estate investment, you can choose from the very cosmopolitan Madrid, the country’s capital, the festive Barcelona or the superb Costa des Sol! Sunshine, festive atmosphere, dynamic nightlife, beaches and friendly people, Spain also has a wide variety of landscapes, both seaside and mountainous.

In terms of gastronomy, Spain, like many southern European countries, offers a wide variety of tasty and healthy specialities, very often cooked with fresh, local produce. Tasting tapas on the terrace, a recommended afternoon nap and a relaxed lifestyle: every year Spain attracts more and more French people who want to buy a second home here.

In Portugal

With its favourable real estate context and very low cost of living, Portugal is also a country that deserves your attention. Offering its inhabitants an exceptional quality of life in a warm climate, Portugal is also a welcoming and festive country. In the city, on the shores of the ocean or a little further inland, many modern infrastructures and luxury villas are available for sale, to the delight of many French people who every year wish to invest in this little paradise just an hour’s flight from Paris.

In Luxembourg

Small country, but not least, Luxembourg is a very rich country economically. Bordering France, it is an ideal place to invest in a second property. A surprising and confusing country, Luxembourg is a multicultural country with a preserved quality of life.

In Belgium

With a very good health and education system, Belgium is a small country bordering France, very welcoming and festive! Convenient, because it is very close to France in terms of access (if you live in the north, it will only take you an hour to reach your residence), Brussels or Bruges offer a rich architecture, and a very friendly atmosphere, in a cosmopolitan environment! Belgium offers a very pleasant living environment, between gastronomic delights, quality of life and cultural richness. As far as nature is concerned, the country is not to be outdone, and offers its inhabitants magnificent, green landscapes all year round.

For your holidays or your retirement, investing in a second home in Europe is therefore a wise choice as it will give you the opportunity to travel whenever you want! Language, tradition, landscapes and a different pace of life: let yourself be tempted by a second home in one of Europe’s wonderful paradises!