Most people have always dreamed of having a holiday home somewhere. Why not make Greece that somewhere? Buying a house in Greece will give you the chance to have a home there when you go.

Why make Greece the location of your second home?

There are plenty of reasons. Greece is a popular tourist destination. Every year hundreds of tourists flock to the country. Life in Greece is absolutely delightful, with the mild Mediterranean climate and the warm sunshine all year-round. On top of that, with the recent dip in real estate prices, buying a house in Greece will cost you half as much as acquiring the same property in Italy or Spain! And this is not to mention the remarkable capital gains.

Will it be the traditional Greek villa or a stylish home with a private pool? The home of your dreams awaits you

Anything is possible, be it the typical house with blue shutters overlooking the sea or a modern home with a sophisticated interior complete with a pool.
And if that does not meet your needs, you can always renovate and remodel so that every single detail is up to your standard.

Your second home can be anywhere in Greece! The mainland or the islands: the Peloponnese, the Ionian, the Sporades, the Dodecanese and even the Cyclades.