When trying to decide which are the world’s most beautiful hotels, you inevitably come up against the issue of the subjectivity of judgement and opinion.

Nevertheless, there are some hotels about which everyone agrees when it comes to the elegance of their architecture and the quality of the services they provide to travellers from all around the world. The hotels described below are particularly beautiful examples of this.

Number 1: The Como Uma Canggu in Bali

Bali is famous for attracting some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. The island’s wonderful scenery, its lush vegetation and its climate make it a magical place to visit, and what better way could there be to make the trip an even more sublime experience than by choosing a very beautiful hotel? Le Como Uma Canggu fits the bill perfectly in this respect, as it’s undeniably recognised as one of the most beautiful new hotels of recent years.

Its seafront location at the edge of a heavenly beach, its curved lines, the ubiquitous used of wood in its construction, the private and communal swimming pools: this all enables the materials to combine harmoniously with the natural environment.

The hotel blends wonderfully into its natural setting, and this is without a doubt the best way to pay homage to the incredible views you get from the rooms, the semi-circles around the terraces of which are characteristic of the hotel as a whole. With its elegant, modern, refined decoration and white tones, the hotel is simply sensational to behold.

Number 2: The Amanyangyun in Shanghai

The Amanyanguym in Shanghai reflects how wildly ambitious the Chinese are capable of being when it comes to undertaking a project. The idea behind this project was conceived when a group of traditional, centuries-old houses were set to disappear beneath rising water due to the construction of a new dam.

The houses in question were dismantled and rebuilt at a resort that, with its incredible houses (some of which are several hundred square metres in area), actually looks like a religious sanctuary in reality. Once renovated and restored, they became the luxury suites of a no less luxurious hotel offering a 3,000 square metre spa, an IMAX cinema, a simply unique style of comfort, and a wooded park containing more than 10,000 camphor trees, a native species typical of the region. Chinese culture is at the centre of it all, resulting in a place that is both unique and a transmitter of values.

Number 3: the Istoria on the Greek island of Santorini

From the purity of the blue skies above them to the typical whiteness of the traditional houses, the Cyclades, of which the island of Santorini is the most famous, have incredible scenery to offer. People come from all over the world to discover and explore these heavenly islands, and there’s no shortage of luxury hotels providing incredible settings in which to stay.

The Istoria is a boutique hotel whose charm is both typical of the region and in perfect harmony with the surroundings and natural scenery. The elegance of the stones and the understated sobriety of the hotel are equalled only by the beauty of the views it offers of the sea and the entire volcanic island. A veritable retreat from the world, out of time and out of place. If you prefer, you can rent a yacht in a group.

Number 4: the Palazzo Volpi in Venice

Venice, one of the world’s main tourist capitals, attracts more than 30 million tourists each year. Inevitably, therefore, and to keep all these visitors happy, there are places to stay in Venice whose charm is in keeping with the city’s reputation.

One such place is the Palazzo Volpi. First opened in 2018, this hotel is simply flawless with respect to both its location, just a stone’s throw from Saint Mark’s Square, and the charm of its interior design and decor. More than simply rooms, these are genuine apartments that have been made available as hotel accommodation, as this former 18th century palace has just four suites to offer. Each exhibits a level of comfort and refinement that has already made the hotel one of the standards by which all others are judged in Venice.



swimming pool hotel


Number 5: the Punta Caliza on the Mexican island of Holbox

The Punta Caliza is a surprising hotel. Instead of the ostentatious luxury and outrageous levels of comfort you might expect, this hotel instead plays the simplicity card. The rooms are constructed from wood and the decoration has been kept to a minimum.

But the charm of the architecture works its effect, creating a simply magical and natural place: the perfect base from which to explore this still largely unknown little jewel of Mexico. Another charming feature is the swimming pool, which weaves and winds its way alongside each of the rooms.

With such beautiful examples of hotel architecture to choose from, how can you not already be on holiday?