The main ingredient of standing out at a pool party on the rooftop or a beach full of people is by wearing a knockout bikini.

The mix and match what is it?

The latest trend in the bikini fashion world is bikini mix and match; it allows some of the vintage tops like the polka dot top to be matched with ruched bottoms and appear trendy. Bikini mix and match offers a guarantee of finding a top and bottom that match perfectly to provide you with a fully customised look. Mix and match offers the freedom of matching whatever type of top or bottom you like.

Bikini mix and match allows women to buy bikini bottoms and bikini tops separately. The bikini mix and match trend helps women to come up with a unique and new look and to find that perfect fit. This trend has presented women with the opportunity of looking fabulous at the pool or the beach. The bikini mix and match trend has become an instant hit and this has led top designers to take note. Fashion designers have, therefore, started to make designs that are customisable i.e. meant for mix and match.

This trend is advantageous since not everyone can afford to buy a new bikini, mix and match creates an opportunity for women to make full use of what they have. Also, it is a known fact that women have varying fashion tastes and body types, mix and match help women to create a new look that works according to their preferences. Furthermore, the mix and match bikini trend is a fun way of testing the fashion skills of women especially in this day and age when everyone is yearning to make a fashion statement. For example, with mix and match, women are wearing a strappy bottom with a bandeau to create a customised and creative look that suits their size and style.

Bikinis are mostly useful during the summer season or on a winter vacation. Bikinis are not like clothes that you can wear multiple times during the year; this is the main reason most ladies do not want to spend too much on buying new bikinis. Mix and match are the main choices for women who want to look trendy without spending too much on bikinis. By mixing and matching, women have the ability to choose a swimsuit or a bikini that has a coloured bottom and a printed top. When ladies use their creativity in mixing and matching, they can make a stylish and trendy bikini that matches with the chosen colours and the skin tone while saving money. Mix and match are, therefore, ideal for those ladies who do not want to spend so much money on seasonal fashion, but who want to stay in line with the latest bikini trends.

Who can wear mix and match trend?

Bikini mixing and matching is mostly ideal for those creative ladies who wish to design their summer look. By customising their summer look with mixing and matching, ladies are assured that they will remain smart and sexy without looking like someone else. It means that whether you are on the beach or at the pool, mixing and matching your bikini tops and bikini bottoms provides an opportunity to show your personal style and appearance. There is absolutely no chance that you will look like someone else who is wearing a solid colour bikini. Many fashion designers have entered into the bikini mix and matching field to provide a wide variety that helps ladies to avoid choosing from the previous year’s colour preferences.

Bikini mixing and matching favours those ladies that own a drawer full of bikini tops and bikini bottoms that they have been wearing for years. When the aged bikini tops and bottoms begin to feel old, just blend them up. You will be surprised by what you might unearth, for example; you can mix a stripped bottom with a paisley top. Solid boy shots can be mixed with a polka dot bandeau or red side tie briefs with a navy tankini. By doing so, you will feel like you have a brand new swimsuit wardrobe enabling you to feel confident in the pool or at the beach. Mixing and matching also allows clashing colours, but this is only for the bold. For instance, you can mix a brown or aqua floral top with a pink bottom. Bikini mixing and matching makes use of what you have and saves money that would have been splashed on buying a new swimsuit.

In general, bikini mixing and matching is meant for all types of ladies, and not forgetting new mothers. New mothers favour bikini mixing and matching because they may have a busy schedule between work and baby time. This means that they may lack the time to visit a fashion store to buy that fitting bikini top and bottom. Visiting a fashion store to purchase a bikini is no easy task even for regular ladies; this means that new mums find it extremely hard. Bikini mixing and matching helps them use whatever inventory they have in their drawer and only purchase what is necessary to appear gorgeous and trendy. On the other hand, there are those women who desire to put on solid colour swimsuits. Solid colour swimsuits are nice but mixing and matching has been trending over the last couple of years so it’s worth a try. You will be astonished at the incessant fashion options that you will get with bikini mixing and matching.


Beautiful bikini for summer.

You can wear mix and match with all types of swimwear

You can mix a solid piece together with a print piece. You can choose a printed bottom or a printed top to create a solid-hued piece. For example, you can mix and match a bikini top that contains violet and aqua colours with an aqua bikini bottom. The print should be worn in the area that you feel most confident. For instance, if you feel most confident at the top, you can wear a print swimsuit triangle top and then pair it with solid bottoms. It is important to note that pear shaped body types work well with a printed top matched with a solid bottom. On the other hand, solid tops and printed bottoms go well with apple shaped body types with the dark going at the top. For instance, a solid bandeau top can be matched with a printed bikini bottom.

Solids also work perfectly with other solids. One of the traditional looks under this section is the black and white separates. You can also mix a black and white separate with another colour. Solids can also be matched together by using two different swimwear brands. Mixing and matching allows the use of two contrasting solids. By mixing and matching two contrasting solids, you can create a beautiful colour block effect. Mismatching two print pieces is only for the daring, you should be keen to choose one piece that is subtle while the other one is vibrant. It is also important to maintain at least one or two colours on both the top piece and the bottom piece. For example, you can take a top that contains a red, black, violet and white floral motif and match it with a black striped bottom.

Another aspect that is of great importance in mix and match is the cut. Any cut of top and bottom can be matched together, for example, a tie side bottom can be paired with a bandeau top. Some tops and bottoms should not be paired together, for example, a tankini should not be worn with boy shorts. Tankinis look amazing when paired with a true bikini cut bottom. On the other hand, boy shorts look amazing when matched with a halter-top. Bikini mix and match allow you to match the same or similar fabrics, for example, you can match suits of comparable coverage e.g. skimpy with skimpy or full coverage with full coverage.

Wear accessories with your mix and match bikini

To have a complete and unique appearance you can wear other accessories with your mix and match bikini. You should know that if you plan to take a plunge into the water, it is a good idea to take off the jewellery. But if you are just hanging at the poolside or just lying on the beach, accessories are a plus. You can highlight a plunging neckline by wearing a long necklace. A collar necklace looks amazing against any bikini suit print, it presents a bold appearance.

Drop earrings work well especially when the hair is tied in a knot; it highlights the collarbone to show off a summer glow. Bracelets also add to the look, for example; braided bracelets and charm bracelets work well but if you are going for a colourful appearance, a watercolour bracelet will not let you down. Another crucial accessory is the beach hat that can be matched with the bikini and flip-flops to create an unique and sophisticated look. Other accessories include ramp jerseys and beach bags.