Would you like to own a limited edition swimsuit? Don’t you wish this one would last a couple of years? Don’t ever hesitate to purchase a piece of luxury swimwear, which may cost more, but also lasts longer. Brazilian Bikini Shop has entered the designer swimwear market. It also offers quality and impeccably tailored swimsuits made with unrivaled materials. Several larger brands have already joined this shop to help support the production of quality products.


Black luxury swimsuit

Swimsuit models

Several new swimwear styles are in fashion now. A wide variety is available to satisfy everyone’s tastes. One thing IS for certain though, these luxury swimsuits guarantee quality and comfort. Different models of swimsuits bring you that glamorous look and style that you wish for. Just browse for whichever style fits you!

The two-piece swimsuit

Almost all women are trying out this swimsuit called the bikini. It gives a sexy look and provides enough exposure for optimum tanning. They also come in different varieties such as the bandini, the unwired bikini, and the triangle bikini. Here, they are designed exclusively by high-class brands including Agua de Coco, Despi, Lenny Niemeyer, or Saouipe. The colors are warmer since they were inspired by the Brazilian style as well!

The one-piece swimsuit or trikini

The one-piece swimsuit is rising in popularity. We live in an age where vintage is back in style. For lovers of vintage swimsuits, here is this revisited style called the trikini. This one-piece swimsuit has a particular attribute of being tied only at the front. It fits women shaped like models (slim, tall, and not too curvy). Many cuts and styles are available. The trikini can truly afford any eccentricity.


It corresponds to the accessories that women can wear to the beach in addition to their swimwear. A sundress, for example, can be beachwear. They have the distinction of being light and sexy, but at the same time not too revealing. This style of dress gives a glamorous and chic touch to any woman. Plenty of styles are available. You can go from the plainest to the most colorful, as well as from the longest to the shortest.

Don’t be afraid to buy a swimsuit that may be slightly costlier than those found in big supermarket chains. It’s worth it! A beautiful swimsuit with various accessories helps you enjoy your summer in the best way possible.