Whether it’s a special surprise or a decision made together to once again declare the love and commitment that you feel for one another, a vow renewal ceremony is a special event that will bring you closer, rekindle the devotion of your first ‘I dos’ and provide a lasting memory for not only yourselves but friends and family as well.

Such a special occasion can be the highlight of a life together and enduring confirmation of an everlasting bond. For those planning to create the perfect moment to share this experience with their beloved, we offer these suggestions.

Go back to your wedding honeymoon destination

Few things are going to bring to mind the wonder and joy that you first felt when you looked into each other’s eyes and promised to be together, for better or worse, side by side forever than the location of your honeymoon. The first place you travelled together as a couple to celebrate your union and begin a new life together. Bring the memories and the excitement forward once again and share the next phase of your journey where it all began. A honeymoon destination adds a romantic addition to the event, ensuring that the future years will be every bit as special as the ones that came before, perhaps even more.

Find the right venue/hotel

Finding the right hotel and venue is an important step in making sure your special day comes off as planned. This is a good time to employ an event organization company to help you cover all the important bases so you can focus on each other.

In this case, to create an atmosphere of love and devotion, classic destinations that would make a great selection for a wedding are also an excellent choice for a wedding anniversary or renewing vows. A city that is practically tailored made for is Paris, a romantic getaway filled with gorgeous hotels to host your special event. Whether in the shadow of the grand Coliseum in Rome or along the infamous channel of Venice, Italy is also the destination that can serve as a backdrop to bring to life your special day and create an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Prepare you vows speech

The most important part of renewing the vows are the vows themselves. Sharing the love, tenderness and happiness that you’ve felt for another can be a magical moment. To find the words you may rely on treasured memories to impart the gift your life together has been or if you need a little help you can choose a selection of speech examples to help you write the emotions you feel in your heart.

Either way you will find the speech to be an intimate part of the vow renewal ceremony that gives you the opportunity to express yourself and how you’ve come to treasure the bond the two of you have created over the years. This day is about celebrating the relationship that two people have created, nurtured and developed together so that when bride and groom stand side by side once again, ready to declare their devotion to another, the words mean more than they ever could on their own. They are declaration of truest intent and heartfelt desire to remain together until the end.

A vow renewal is one of the most romantic gestures a couple can perform to reaffirm their devotion and show not only each other but the world that they still feel as strongly today as when they first said ‘I do.’ A coming together for friends and family to witness the blossoming love between two people is an event that will live on long after the festivities end. Creating an atmosphere of love and devotion, setting the scene, sharing a gorgeous landscape and heartfelt declarations can turn a special moment into a truly memorable one.