Holidays in St Barth

Saint Barthelemy is a little-known hidden gem between the Caribbean and the Atlantic. It is a small volcanic island surrounded by shallow reefs. It is the perfect destination for the winter holiday season.

Enjoy your vacation !

Its cuisine and culture are French. The island also has historical links to Sweden. But most of all its charm is in its perfect climate where the temperature never drops below 22 degrees and you can swim in its blue crystalline waters all year round. It is the perfect place to rent a villa like Villa African Queen. You can be sure of the best service.

Whether you are seeking peace on the white sand beaches with the perfect swimming and diving conditions or exotic night life, St Barth has much to offer. The capital, Gustavia, has a beautiful harbour where luxury yachts are moored as well as interesting shopping in high-class boutiques. There is also plenty of night life. The island is a popular destination during the winter holiday season especially and is geared towards the high-end, luxury tourist market.

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