How do you cook fish without getting in a muddle? In these few lines, you can learn everything you need to know about the different ways of cooking fish products, as well as their respective cooking time. For those lazy people, you will be able to enjoy sea products in restaurants specialized in seafood and fish.

How do you cook fish easily?

Recipes based on fish are regularly popular among dieticians for their numerous qualities. Moreover, we’re advised to cook fishery products at least twice a week! The problem is knowing which type of cooking best suits which type of fish!

First, let us agree on the fact that we are going to talk about fresh fish that you can find in a good self-respecting fishmonger‘s shop here. This product, which doesn’t need an ambitious and convoluted kitchen to reproduce all the flavours, does not require prolonged, intensive or aggressive cooking. Here you can find a list of fish. More on fishes here.

Fish at home or at a restaurant: a source of Omega 3.

 For example, it is generally thought that cooking fish fillets and other fish steaks produces good results in the microwave. For 500 grams, allow around 5 minutes at 800 Watts, plus a rest period of ideally 3 to 5 minutes before serving. Steamed, don’t hesitate to thin down the fillets or the steaks if they have a thickness of more than 5 centimetres. Oven baking is also used for some varieties of fish, such as flounder, sole or even turbot.

If you really wish to taste sea products without being forced to cook, you can go to a fish restaurant such as Coco Beach. For this, you will need to visit the Port of Nice.

Zoom on the fish restaurant Coco Beach

The distinctive feature of this sophisticated restaurant is the offer of services on the terrace, right beside the sea. The best products of prime freshness are chosen and served at your table: crustaceans, shellfish and other seafood products await you. All you have to do is choose, and let your taste buds do the rest!

Enjoy the foods from the sea facing it is a privilege granted only to people living or travelling on the coast. Furthermore, in the summer, its terrace is absolutely essential.